About Me

Me in front of Crouse College at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY.

Name: Ellen Durkin

Hometown: Parker, CO
Major and School/College: Music Industry Major, Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Hi, I’m Ellen! I grew up in Parker, Colorado with my parents and two siblings. I am currently studying music industry at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY. I first got involved with music in fifth grade when I started playing the viola. I am a member of the the University’s symphony and enjoy arranging as well as composing music. Some of my other interests include hiking, running, camping, and concerts.

Flattop Mountain. Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park, CO

My interests in the fine and performing arts are heavily centered around music. I play the viola and have been learning piano and guitar (slowly) over the last year. I outside of making music, I love listening to it, more specifically, listening to it live because then the music isn’t the only type of art around, there’s also the art of performing and captivating an audience. Outside of music, I have a great appreciation for architecture even though I’m not as well versed in its history or function.

String Quartet, Doane University 2016

Writing about art encounters allows the author to take the time to digest and form their own ideas about the art. If the writer has no prior knowledge it gives them the opportunity to write down their first impressions. This is important because their ideas about the art could change upon reflection and further research. It also provides a fresh perspective. Other people who have encountered the same piece of art are going to look at it differently and notice different things based off of their prior experiences allowing growth in the art community as a whole.


Panorama Point, Golden Gate Canyon CO
fam bam Daniel’s Park, Highlands Ranch, CO